Risk-free tactical ideas to help you. Since the SEC’s April 2013 action of rolling social media networks into the 2008 RegFD guidance, the topic of “Social Media and Investor Relations” has had a ceaseless barrage of webcasts, news stories and white papers (like this) on the topic.

This paper offers a tactical and hands-free “how-to” for social media newsflow.

For the most part - including a survey from NIRI and our IR benchmarking survey - the reaction from corporate counsel and IR departments have been that the new SEC guidance didn't change much. The viewpoints “too much risk,” and “too much work” for the perceived return of investment are still predominate. Many of our clients have expressed concerns over the time and energy needed for social media.

We’ll also briefly explain the difference between Twitter and StockTwits in context to news distribution. Also, this newsflow example is 100% automated: a social media “monologue” as the newsflow begins simply with the IR or PR departments’ standard news release process. 

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Hands-free social media for investor relations