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Our fleXBRL Program offers XBRL solutions that match your workflow and help manage expenses.

Please fill out this form to receive details about the solution that fits your company. Please select from the three descriptions below.

1.)   XBRL Complete: Flexible XBRL tagging process between Vintage and client’s on-staff financial team. Our XBRL Dedicated Accountants execute taxonomy tagging processes while clients have real-time web portal / Microsoft Office oversight to review, directly edit and submit both XBRL and associated HTML EDGAR files at any time up to filing deadline.  

2.)   XBRL Command: 100% self-serve web portal / Microsoft Office solution for companies with on-staff XBRL specialist(s). XBRL and associated HTML EDGAR files can be submitted to the SEC at any time up to filing deadline.  

3.)   XBRL Core: Traditional Excel-based XBRL tagging and filing solution. All tagging, timeline management and final filing executed by Vintage XBRL specialists. Adherence to filing workflow timeline is essential.