Stay Attuned to the Social Media Landscape with PR Newswire's Social Media Metrics

Duration: Approximately 45 minutes

The rise of social media has given the general public unprecedented influence in building a brand or destroying a reputation. Blogs, social networks, online video - these media forums can have as much (or more) of an impact on a company or organization as an article in a newspaper or a segment on TV.

Join us for this FREE webinar and learn how PR Newswire's Social Media Metrics can help you monitor and analyze the online conversations about your brand.

In this session, we'll review this useful new social media monitoring and measurement tool that can help you:

  • Listen to what's being said online about your company, spokespeople, clients and competitors.
  • Report your findings by performing real-time searches and exporting customizable charts.
  • Target the most influential sources and weed through the noise.
  • Identify key demographics of those discussing your brand.
  • Engage in the conversation and be ready to respond at a moment's notice.
  • Analyze the tone of conversations surrounding your brand by scoring all mentions for positive, negative or neutral sentiment.

Allison Murphy, Product Manager, Media Monitoring & Measurement, PR Newswire

Liya Sharif, Senior Vice President, Public Relations & Branding, JHG

Becky Carroll, Founder, Customers ROCK!/Petra Consulting Group

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