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Look for these codes throughout the conference.
(To download a QR code reader, go to:

PR Newswire gives you more ways to leverage content to engage all your key audiences... and to engage opportunity everywhere.

Introducing the Points of Engagement Contest!

How To Play:

  1.    Simply download a QR code reader (if you don’t already have one on your phone). You can access a number of QR Code Readers here:

  2.    When you scan your first PR Newswire QR Code, you’ll be asked to register for the game. Check your e-mail on Thursday, October 14 for the first QR Code. 

  3.    When you arrive at PRSA on October 16, keep your eyes open for more QR Codes.  They could be anywhere – on fellow attendees’ badges, at the PR Newswire booth, embedded into certain presentations, or even in your room.

  4.    Let the games begin! The more QR Codes you scan, the more points you’ll collect. The more points you collect, the greater chance you have of WINNING A FABULOUS PRIZE!

  5.    Stop by the PR Newswire booth to check your rankings.  The leaderboard will let you know how close you are to winning.

Follow the hashtag #PRNGame during the conference where you can find out about codes….or share your own discoveries.
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