In a real time world, it takes agile engagement.
Introducing Agility from PR Newswire.

One platform. Unlimited possibilities.

Agility is the first integrated communications workflow platform that combines powerful media monitoring, targeting and reporting tools with PR Newswire’s unparalleled content distribution capabilities – letting you engage with traditional media influencers and social influencers all with one login and a single, easy-to-use dashboard. With Agility, you can:

Initiate and manage all your projects/campaigns – from one platform

Get near-real-time search/monitoring of traditional and social sources – from one platform

Create immediate engagement with individual or multiple sources via email or social
– from one platform

Target audiences and build lists across traditional and social channels
– from one platform

Distribute news releases and other content via the PR Newswire industry-leading network and through your social networks
– from one platform

Measure engagement and results every step of the way – from one platform

By doing all the above, Agility saves you the huge amount of time it currently takes toggling between multiple tools and platforms. It allows you to work much more productively and effectively – enabling you to engage fluidly across traditional and social media and to deliver optimal results in an evolved PR and social media world.

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Agility features a Semantic Engine that can cut through the unintelligible and unstructured noise generated by the torrent of traditional and social media sources.
Screenshot of the Rodale ARC

As earned media has rapidly evolved – and continues to evolve – the way earned media professionals need to work in order to be effective has evolved right along with it. Nowadays, you need to move in real-time. To move with even greater agility.

Now, there’s an all-in-one, integrated communications and engagement workflow platform  that’s as agile as you need to be – Agility from PR Newswire.