Engaging the Rising Electorate: A Revealing Look at U.S. Latinos’ Pivotal Role in the 2012 Election – and Beyond

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes

In 2008, President Obama won 67% of the Hispanic vote, while Senator John McCain won only 31%. Similarly, in 2004, former president George W. Bush earned 44% of the Latino vote, helping him to win re-election. This year, there are approximately 22 million eligible Hispanic voters, and their impact is expected to be significant. In fact, a number of leading experts predict that the Latino vote will represent the margin of victory in this year’s election.

Join PR Newswire for this FREE webinar as we take a closer look at the Latino electorate, shedding light on the importance of this growing community – both in the upcoming election and beyond – and offering tips to help communicators reach and connect with this influential audience.

During this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Differences, trends and tendencies in various sub-sections of the Latino community, including Latina Moms and Latino Millennial
  • The importance of acknowledging the nuances & diversity among the Hispanic community and crafting communications accordingly
  • Strategies and tactics to effectively engage U.S. Latinos


Natalie Boden, Founder and Managing Director, BodenPR

David Duckenfield, Partner, Balsera Communications Group

Judy Pino, Communications Director, The LIBRE Initiative

Carlos Giron, Multicultural Marketing Consultant, PR Newswire

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