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Get in-depth, actionable insight when you target, monitor and engage your traditional & social media audiences with PR Newswire’s new integrated platform

With Agility’s unique media targeting and monitoring capabilities, you can quickly identify and target the most influential people to your organization; uncover what is being said about your brand as it happens; and engage these influential people in real-time via traditional and social channels.

The integration of PR Newswire’s superior global media database with
state-of-the-art monitoring technology, plus the ability to engage with social and traditional media in real time through a single sign-on platform, is what makes Agility unique.

Agility provides:

>  Access to more than 700,000 journalist & blogger contacts across hundreds of thousands of outlets

>  More than 300,000 updates to contact records made each month by PR Newswire’s dedicated media research team

>  More information per individual contact - social profiles, photos, latest tweets, Klout Score – than any other provider

>  Deeper insight into information relevant to what you’re looking for through the best guided navigation in the industry

> Unparalleled level of relevancy in monitoring results uncovering trending topics and people associated with your search

> The best intelligence around what’s being said and by whom about your brand across traditional and social media

> The most opportunity to engage in real-time with individual or multiple influencers – journalists, bloggers and other social influencers – instantly from the platform via your own social channels, e-mail and more

>  The simplest to use dashboard interface in the industry that will get you up and running in mere minutes and provide intuitive paths forward, making it easy to accomplish your goals

>  Straightforward flat-fee pricing with no hidden data or usage fees

>  Seamless access to PR Newswire’s global press release and content distribution network, the largest in the industry


Agility, combined with PR Newswire’s unparalleled global press release and content distribution network, gives you the intelligence to make strategic decisions while providing the tools to execute more efficiently. What’s more, Agility has the most intuitive dashboard, and is the lowest priced integrated platform in the industry!

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