Agile Engagement Unlocked: Building Communications Dexterity in 6 Steps

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes

There is a new level of agility to strive for, and thrive upon -- and it lies in communications. As social media has provided an information-rich environment full of insight and opportunity, being agile has become the key to successful audience engagement. At its core, agile engagement relies upon leveraging the knowledge gleaned from today's ongoing conversations to inform your messaging and more authentically and relevantly connect with your target audiences - all the while staying one proverbial step ahead.

Join PR Newswire for this free webinar as we dive deeper into the topic of agile engagement, providing a 6-step framework for success that can easily be applied to your own communications strategies.

During this webinar, we will cover:

  • How today's media landscape is mandating the call for agile engagement
  • The 6 phases of the agile engagement model
  • The potential business rewards to be reaped from agile engagement

*Attendees can download the complimentary white paper, "The Dawn of Agile Engagement."

Sarah Skerik, Vice President, Social Media, PR Newswire


Kelly LeVoyer, Director, Marketing Editorial, SAS

Valerie Jennings, CEO, Jennings Social Media Marketing

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