Agile Engagement Starts Here: Tuning In & Turning Up the Volume of Interaction through Active Listening

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes

No longer are we as communicators bound to create content and messaging based on assumptions of our audience. Social media, mobile connectivity and online interaction have given us the opportunity to be ever more in tune with the direct wants and needs of our target audiences; we just have to listen.

With active listening come invaluable insights and multiple opportunities – to support your thought leadership presence, enhance visibility, build credibility and break through the “noise”, test the resonance of your organization’s messaging and much, much more.

Join PR Newswire for this FREE webinar as we explore this essential first step in the agile engagement process and examine more deeply the opportunities afforded by active listening. During this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Tips & techniques for effective listening
  • The ways in which listening supports various communications goals
  • How to increase relevancy in your communications initiatives & create content that is relatable

 *Attendees can download the complimentary white paper, "Active Listening: The Key to Relevance and PR Results." 

Dee Rambeau, Vice President, Customer Engagement, PR Newswire

Heather Whaling, President, Geben Communication

Barbara Rozgonyi, Principal, CoryWest Media

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