Did you know that 25% of your shareholders visit your investor relations website only once a quarter?  And 22% never visit?

Investor relations departments, IR firms and service providers expel a lot of energy and budget on shareholder communications. How is this investor content consumed by investors? That is the genesis of the Shareholder Confidence 365 Study.

UPDATED 2014: 38,500 responses to 30 questions EXPRESSLY for IR professionals

Created by PR Newswire, Vintage and CNW,  the Shareholder Confidence 365 is an ongoing survey targeted to the three key constituents with whom public companies communicate: institutional investors, individual investors and the financial media.

Since July 2012, every two weeks, the Shareholder Confidence 365 Study asks Capital Market participants one single question on a topic germane to investor relations. The single question format was developed to assure investor participation and mitigate “survey fatigue” of multi-question studies. The study is comprised of over10,500 unique responses.   

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How Investors Consume IR Content