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New Media Strategies

Engaging the casual wine buyer:
The Wine Bar Facebook Community

Magic Software Enterprises
Magic's Rebranded Facebook Page gained over 50K Followers!

Our objectives were to use our new Facebook page to build to reach and engage new relevant fans (customers, prospects, partners and influencers), traffic them to landing pages and ultimately gain business leads.

Summertime Entertainment's "Dorothy of Oz"
Totally Toto Tuesdays

“Dorothy of Oz” created a Facebook campaign called “Totally Toto Tuesdays” to help get rescue Cairn Terriers adopted from animal shelters across the U.S. and promote awareness of the movie.




Diageo Chateau & Estates needed help establishing a presence in social on behalf of their Lifestyle Wines – a portfolio of 15+ value wine brands across 10+ different varietals. These wines needed to grab the attention of the younger Gen Xs and Millennials whom enjoy wine as a part of their everyday life, but do not take it too seriously. Diageo understood that the wine category can be overwhelming, intimidating and sometimes even scary – and that in order to reach this consumer base, we needed to create vibrant, playful and personalized messaging that would encourage engagement, sharing and ultimately, label awareness. Pair this with the fact that 60% of Millennials and 47% of Gen X feel that a “fun, contemporary [wine] label*” is important when choosing a wine to enj oy at home, we knew that we had to match the messaging to the purchase factors.

*Source: Wine Market Council & Nielsen’s 7th Annual Wine Consumption Study, 2011

We first analyzed the competition as well as the online behaviors and interests of what was deemed the “Simplifier” demographic – consumers ages 25-45 who very casually drink wine, purchase bottles based on what “looks” good, and shop somewhat impulsively rather than stocking up. Using this research, as well as gleaning our knowledge on the importance of News Feed-friendly content, we developed a “Seinfeld-style” approach to an editorial calendar, or the ability to tell a complete story in each individual posting without having to rely on previous posts or prior knowledge. We knew we had to be able to reach our targets with visual, digestible content in a single Wall Post in order to create the impact Diageo was looking to make. In July 2012, we launched The Wine Bar Facebook page – a wine community that engages with Simplifiers in ways that encourage sharing, demystify wine, entertain and spark conversations among like-minded individuals. Each day, our team develops unique visual content with relatable messages and call-to-actions. We track the engagement levels of all posts we deliver, ensuring that we are continuously optimizing the content based on what has proven to spark high-value actions.

To date, the page boasts a fan base of nearly 31,000 users with a typical engagement rate of 10% or more, about 10-50x the industry standard on any given day. The user-sharing rate of The Wine Bar content far exceeds the competition in the wine industry, massively increasing the viral reach of our messaging online. Many small wine businesses and vineyards have become fans of The Wine Bar’s page, helping to magnify the reach of our messaging via shares to their own communities. The Wine Bar doesn’t end at the Facebook Page. Since the Facebook launch, Diageo made plans and recently launched – a complimentary website that hosts additional information about Diageo’s Lifestyle portfolio, along with snack and cocktail recipes. The website aligned its messaging and appearance with our strategy for The Wine Bar Facebook page, thus magnifying the brand’s image across the online landscape. The future of The Wine Bar looks promising, as plans to incorporate offline, regional tastings, exclusive influencer opportunities and more user-generated content are underway. For now, we invite you to grab a seat, pour yourself a glass and give it a swirl with us at The Wine Bar on Facebook.