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General Electric

HealthyShare: Surprise & Delight

Health is an important subject to GE, however, due to GE's portfolio of products covering a wide range of verticals, the general public does not strongly associate health with GE. GE built this campaign to support their continued focus on tackling consumer-facing health issues and build brand association with health. The primary objective was to cultivate meaningful conversations about health with users both inside and outside of the GE community. The second objective was for these users to trust the brand and allow them to send a health related gift. The last objective was for these recipients to share their health related gifts and brand enthusiasm with their circles of friends.

Through using a refined list of relevant health Twitter search terms, we were able to find people who were publicly talking about health. Once we found users, we engaged them in meaningful conversations. Once the trust was established, we requested that the user send us their mailing address via private message so we could send them a healthy gift. Depending on the conversation, we would then select one of four gifts to send them: a basketball, two yoga mats, a tray of healthy snacks, and a water bottle. The gifts we selected were not only health related, but also inherently social themselves, encouraging people to use the gifts with their friends. Included with the gift was a personalized card to the recipient. After a few days, we would then listen for their response.

Over the four-week outreach period, we had conversations with 4,700 health-interested users. Of these users, 2,000 shared their mailing address and allowed us to send them a healthy gift. Of those who received a gift, 1,400 posted about receiving the gift, and often thanking GE for the surprise. In total, the campaign generated ~1.4MM peer-to-peer impressions. While this impression total would not be groundbreaking if this were a traditional advertising campaign, the amount of trusted earned media generated and new brand advocates is truly powerful, building the GE's brand association with health with a completely new audience.