The best campaigns utilizing two or more forms of earned media – including posts, likes, views shares, tweets, follows and more – from across today’s earned media landscape. Campaigns include strategy of listening, targeting and monitoring to maximize impact and demonstrate measurable results for the brands.

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You know your video has hit it big when it’s all over the social networks. The finalists below submitted their best videos that went viral in social media and effectively drove traffic, views and shares for their brand.

Listening in social media can reveal all kinds of opportunities (and challenges) for your brand. Did social help you uncover an unmet customer need? To develop a new product? To respond to a potentially damaging issue?

Communicators are still figuring out social media. What’s your best experiment that paid off? Nominees in this category demonstrated how they stepped out of their comfort-zones and succeeded well past expectations.

Please note: in reviewing the submissions, our panel of judges determined there were no qualifying entries and therefore, an Earnie will not be awarded for this category.

 What’s your best example of crisis management in social media? Share how you took a potentially negative or damaging situation and turned it to your brand’s advantage through social channels.

In this category nominees showed us how their efforts uniquely rocked Twitter, LinkedIn and/or Facebook.