Enter your best campaign representing two or more forms of earned media – including posts, likes, views, shares, tweets, follows and more – from across today’s earned media landscape, and explain how you used listening, targeting and monitoring to maximize its impact. Your campaign encompasses and synchronizes these earned media channels – and your efforts delivered measurable results for your brand.

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You know your video has hit it big when it’s all over the social networks. Your video went viral in social media to effectively drive traffic, views, shares and ultimately, visibility and recognition for your brand.

You kept your ears open for insightful and relevant conversations taking place in social media and used the knowledge gained to fine tune campaign messaging and planning, to develop a new product or manage a potentially damaging issue. You implemented a listening strategy and reaped the benefits of this critical first stage of communications planning.

Communicators are still figuring out social media. What’s your best experiment that paid off? We’re looking for the best campaign that demonstrates how a brand may have stepped out of its comfort zone, took a chance and succeeded well past expectations.

NEW FOR 2012
Visual content sparks more engagement, which is why it’s no surprise that new kids on the social media block, Pinterest & Instagram, have become quite popular. You leveraged the power of images and executed a successful campaign with Instagram or Pinterest as the primary platform. If you used both - even better.

This category is divided into three sub-categories: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. We're looking for campaigns that uniquely rocked each network.

NEW FOR 2012
You took a cumbersome excel spreadsheet of data, lengthy survey results or less-than-sexy research and made it engaging, digestible and share worthy through an infographic. Or you took something interesting and made it even more compelling. It was liked, shared, favorited, picked up by industry bloggers and journalists, and sparked quite the conversation to drive campaign results.

NEW FOR 2012
You took your communications overseas and made a splash. We want to hear about your best global communications campaign that traversed more than one earned media channel and helped you go beyond borders and reach new audiences.

NEW FOR 2012
Like the Earnies Grand Prix, but without a big budget to spend. Enter your best campaign utilizing two or more earned media channels and less than $10,000. You generated posts, likes, views shares, tweets, follows and more and share how you used listening, targeting and monitoring to maximize impact. Your campaign encompassed and synchronized these earned media channels – and delivered measurable results for your brand.

NEW FOR 2012
You developed a piece of branded content that was informative, valuable, creative and helped tell a story to your audiences. Whether it was a white paper, a video or a mobile app, you disseminated this content through a variety of channels and it not only generated brand awareness, but also powered a lead generation campaign,